#ThursdayDoors: Cheating Bigly

Doors leading to the outdoor sculpture garden.

This week for ThursdayDoors I cheated bigly.  I hopped on BART and took a ride to downtown San Francisco, where if you can’t find an interesting door to snap, there’s absolutely no hope for you.  However the purpose of my trip was not to take pictures but to see the Matisse/Diebenkorn exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art.

For those who don’t know San Francisco, the MOMA is about three blocks south of Market Street which is about as close to a main drag as you’ll find in the City. Above is the Lotta Crabtree Fountain where every year on April 18th the survivors of the 1906 Earthquake and Fire are honored.

There are a many fine old doors in this area but to get good photos of them you’d have to have a death wish. Traffic is ridiculous. Above is the Hearst building which maintained its original doors although the building has obviously been modernized.

Next to the MOMA are the Yerba Buena gardens “the cultural center of San Francisco.”  Many of the gardens and restaurants in this two block complex are actually on the guarded second level and thus free of the homeless population known to panhandle in this area.

The Martin Luther King Memorial on a gray day. I like the solemnity of this memorial more that the rather grandiose one in Washington DC..

Across the street from the gardens is St. Patrick Cathedral originally built in 1851.  Although it’s dwarfed by the other buildings and hotels in the South of Market or SOMA area, it remains as they say “an island of calm and tranquility amidst chaos.”

And they do have a lovely door.  Hop on over to Norm Frampton’s Thursday Doors event to see other doors from around the world.

Oh – the exhibit was great.  If it comes to your town, do try to see it.


30 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Cheating Bigly

  1. It would be wrong to risk life and limb for a photo. I think. Right? 😉

    It’s been a very long time since I visited San Francisco. There is so much left to explore. I didn’t even know there was a Martin Luther King memorial in SF!

    1. More like certain death! The MLK memorial is very nice – unfortunately I’d worn out my hubby in the museum and he wasn’t up for any more sightseeing.

  2. That is not called cheating, that’s called, Woman With A Plan! How fortunate! 😀 Love them ALL, but that Fountain 😀 Love Always That!

    1. The fountain is at the intersection of three main streets so I don’t think it gets as many visitors as it should and certainly no one drinks from it any longer!

  3. Oh how I enjoyed your frolic in SF, Jan, and the lovely doors you selected. I really like every one of these venues, especially the MLK memorial and always Lotta’s Fountain. I am glad to hear the Matisse exhibit is good. I just went to the Monet Early Years exhibit and it, too, was incredible. We are lucky to have SF in our backyard. Wonderful post.

    1. We are indeed. There’s no place like the City by the Bay although I wish the traffic hadn’t gotten so bad or that there weren’t quite so many homeless people.

  4. I’ve only been to SF once and had a blast. I would love to go back again one of these days. Your photos make me want to go somewhere 🙂

    1. If you want to see the sun in San Francisco you have to visit in either September or October. Even then you have to be prepared for the fog to roll in.

  5. I liked so much of your post, Jan!
    The door varieties were beautiful, the (Lotta Foundation) fountain was special and holds a serious place in the community’s memories.
    I liked the MLK, Jr Memorial and agree in what you said about showing respect without being “grandiose,” Jan.
    I’m doing my weekend check-in on people! I’m sure I have whined about 50 hour weeks in summer, but money is helpful. 🙂

    1. There’s something odd about a grandiose monument for a man who preached Gandhi’s message of humility and non-violence. Money is always helpful.

      1. Oh, it would make more sense to donate to an inner city food pantry or a church he attended. . . I agree, Jan, rather wasteful amount of money. Is this the statue that looks like a Mummy of MLK, Jr? I dislike that one intensely! Sad to say. ~R

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