#ThursdayDoors: Community

Blog-wise, I’m slowing down folks.  I have plenty of excuses but the big one is, I’m getting ready to self-publish and it’s not that easy. No time to trespass for pictures of doors. However, there was no need to go out of my way for this shot:IMG_2031

They aren’t the most spectacular doors in the world but this building is special to me.  For five years I spent every Tuesday morning in the art studio at the back learning to sculpt (click here to see the results).


According to this map of Old Orinda, the building (numbered 17) was constructed in 1925 and served as a high school before earthquake preparedness became such a concern.  Now it’s a place for young and old to learn, exercise and create.

IMG_2036Behind the center is the outdoor theater so I had to take a peak.

Looks like they’re getting ready for the next show:  Love, Sex and the IRS.  Gotta see that one!

Check out other doors over at Norm Frampton’s blog.

Also – check out this video posted by Doug over at Elusive Trope.  I call it Door to the World.  Thanks Doug.

30 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Community

  1. Jan – Let us know when the next show is at the outdoor theater. Our schedule is pretty packed but who knows — perhaps we could join the two of you!!!!

    Jodie and family are doing well. I am taking my mother to bingo this morning and then off to Dixon to pick up Ender. He will spend the night with us. We are taking him to a movie tomorrow (first time for us). Ender seems to have turned a developmental corner…. easier to communicate with. Thank goodness!

    I managed to organize a trip to Cuba last week – in the midst of our craziness. We will be traveling with Victor – going in December.

    Hope a theater dates for us.

    Love, Mary Alice

    1. The next show starts Sept 10 and runs through Oct.1st. Happy to hear that all is going well and that Jodie and Max are doing well. Whew!

  2. Jan, I hope everything goes as right as it can possibly go with the self-publishing. As soon as I know it’s out there I’ll be buying, reading and reviewing it.

    I’d no idea you’d done sculpture. Everything you showed looks good to me.

  3. I think this building is so beautiful, I love art deco. Thanks for sharing it, Jan. And good luck with your publishing process. I am going through the process right now too and it is immense.

  4. A special place, without any doubt… I can almost see those doors opening to creativity and art in all its shapes… love your art pieces, by the way!… all my best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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