ThursdayDoors: Blasting Off into 2017

Today’s door isn’t very

Well, if you’d been launched into orbit 39 times in the space of 27 years, you’d be looking a little funky too. America’s oldest space shuttle, Discovery, is currently in retirement at the Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center outside of Washington DC.  Udvar-Hazy is the Smithstonian’s air and space museum.  Besides Discovery, there are hundreds of planes and jets – both military and civilian – however, if you decide to visit do so on a full stomach.  The only place to get something to eat or drink is an overcrowded McDonalds.


Puny mortals beneath the thrusters


Our guide was a retired Air Force pilot who peppered his dialogue with non-stop stories of famous generals and senators he’d flown hither and yon. I imagine his wife was quite happy to get him out of the house so she didn’t have to keep listening to them!

As we blast off into this crazy year, let’s hope like Discovery we return to an intact world safely.

Happy New Year everyone. Hop on over to Norm Frampton’s swinging pad to see other doors from around the world..

20 thoughts on “ThursdayDoors: Blasting Off into 2017

  1. Thanks for that look at a remarkable vehicle, Jan. I hope to visit the one that is at the Intrepid Museum in NYC. Maybe in the summer. I like chatty tour guides, but I never thought about the spouses – good point.

    1. The guide’s stories were fascinating once you got used to the name-dropping but for some reason, my mind flashed to his wife who was probably very grateful to Udvar Hazy! I’m reminded of my father and his Air Force buddies and their endless tales of daring do!

  2. Terrific choice. I wonder how many million miles it has on it and how that may affect the blue-book value 😉
    Have a safe and happy New Year Jan – all the best for 2017.

  3. Such a wonderful post! I was born in the early era of space exploration, and all these stories are still important and captivating to me. Wishing you an amazing New Year, happy and fulfilling!

    1. Thank you Inese – with Trump coming into office I’ll just settle for a safe New Year! Hope your magical camera leads you to many wondrous places! I am convinced you’re a bit of a wizard with that thing!

      1. Thank you so much! Some people (hint) are wizards with words 🙂
        Yes, brace yourself indeed 🙂 Your happiness is in your hands anyway xxxx

    1. It is something amazing to contemplate. I don’t even like to go above 50 mph unless of course I’m driving across Nevada! New horizons exactly.

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