#ThursdayDoors: The Rent is Due



This door is around the corner from Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.  Its message is ominous, don’t you think?


From Bing images

In case you haven’t heard, Trump bought Washington DC’s Main Post office and converted it into a hotel.


From Bing Images

Built in 1899 the Old Post Office is a 12 minute walk to the Capital. Before Trump decided to run for president, his plan was to make this building into the jewel in his crown.  Every head of state would want to stay in a Trump hotel, don’t you know? Lather in golden bubbles while munching on Trump chocolates and drinking Trump wine.  However early reviews are not glowing:

From the outside, it responds to a growing need, serves an audience, and looks quite grand. But on the inside, it is a complete disaster, mostly empty inside, riddled with nonsense. From Vanity Fair

Of course when he brought the property he was told if he went into office there would be a conflict of interest but I don’t think he thought he would get into office.  Now I’m sure he thinks the rules don’t apply to him.  After all, look at all he’s gotten away with so far.

Here’s a door of a different sort which I pray is never made into a Trump resort or golf course but in this crazy world, who knows?



This is one of the many archways at the outdoor stadium in Arlington Cemetery where Memorial Day tributes to our veterans take place.  I didn’t take too many pictures at Arlington. I always find it such an overwhelming experience that snapping pictures seems wrong.


From Bing Images

Anyway that’s the end of my contributions to Norm Frampton’s addictive #ThursdayDoors event for awhile.  I need to figure out the publishing business I’ve  been ignoring for the last nine months! The rent is due for me; it’s back to work I go.

18 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: The Rent is Due

    1. There’s nothing as sobering as visiting a large military cemetery – not to mention the Tomb of the Unknown and the eternal flame.

  1. Nice choices of doors and I liked your first contrast and comparison between the Trump building and a particle board covered entrance. It is going to be quite a strange ride but I am buckled in, anticipating a bumpy one!
    Jan, I absolutely love the Washington DC post office building! The memorial stadium was lovely, too. 🙂

    1. It’s horrifying to think the PO sold that building to Trump but I guess the maintenance was high and they needed the money. They’re trying to sell the old post office in Berkeley but that’s a town I can safely say will never appeal to Trump!

      1. Yay! So glad Trump won’t be taking over your town nor my sweet university town of Delaware, Ohio. 🙂 Have a great rest of the week and weekend, Jan.

  2. Military cemeteries make me feel the same way, Jan. Whenever I see those rows and rows of identical white crosses on tv it brings a lump to my throat, reminding me of so many lives lost to war, many of them so young, too.

  3. Loved the photographs. Absolutely beautiful! It is interesting to see such political statement given the context…
    The other day I learned that Trump has also hotel in South America (Punta del Este, Uruguay)… It would have been good to see him “fail”, at least once … sigh!

    1. Oh he has failed but every time he does he claims it was really a win. He believes if you tell a lie often enough people will think its the truth. And it seems sadly to have worked.

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