#ThursdayDoors: Halifax NS

For one of the oldest cities in Canada, Halifax NS has a remarkably young and energetic vibe. 

People don’t seem rushed or anxious to be first in line. If you step off a curb, cars stop and wait patiently for you to cross the street.  Of course, we lucked onto beautiful weather.

Like Montreal, it is a city for walking with a mixture of old architecture and new.

The old Town Clock was getting a facelift.

And tourists flocked to watch the hourly changing of the guard at the fortress (Citadel) on top of the hill.

It’s not quite as formal as its namesake ceremony at Buckingham Palace, as you can see.  Of course, the fellow above is not a soldier, he’s a docent.

The Citadel was never attacked although they were prepared. Below is the entrance to a zigzag of foxholes.Aside from wandering around the streets, we did visit the Immigration Museum where I found out my ancestors came to Canada before there was such a thing as immigration.

They just appeared on early census records listing their birthplaces as Ireland.  And here I always thought they were Scottish.  Right now I’m miffed at them for ever leaving Canada.

Check out other doors over at Norm’s Place! 

24 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Halifax NS

  1. Nice pics. I love that last shot in particular.
    When we were there in July there was a major construction projection down on the waterfront. Heading up the hill towards the Citadel was essential to get away from the logjam of traffic around the construction zone. But the view of the harbour from the top of the hill is worth the effort. It is a pretty city 🙂

    1. Thanks Norm. We were there on a Saturday and Sunday, left Monday morning. The city was a breeze to get out of. I was quite impressed with the highway system in NS – very nice driving.

  2. Consider yourself an honorary Canadian 🙂

    The 2nd photo is stunning with that impressive doorway!! And I really like the shot with the helmet. It has a poignant feel to it.

  3. Thank you for the visit to Halifax, Jan. Beautiful skies and refreshing water, beautiful architecture, too. I really like the doorway in the second photograph. Wonderful sunshine photos and sunset too. Interesting to find out you’re not who you thought you were.

      1. Ever heard the “no self-respecting Scot would ever get involved with an Irishman”? I heard that at a Scottish festival, once, when someone came up to a table and declared they were ‘Scotch-Irish’. Heh. They don’t get along. Or didn’t. Hell, nobody seems to get along these days.

        What is a ‘docent’?

        Love the pix! Awesome!

      2. Thanks! There was a lot of prejudice against the Irish in the US during that time. I hate to think that might have happened in Canada but probably it did. A docent is a volunteer guide.

    1. I’m not really sure. Their last names were pretty common: Wright and Cameron. I thought it was odd that growing up they loved all things Scottish but apparently told a census taker they were from Ireland. Maybe they were wanted for some grizzly crime in Scotland and didn’t want to be deported!

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