I have to say something, sorry

It seems necessary to speak of it, even though it is unspeakable. Not to say a word and to continue writing posts absurd and silly, to keep things light and easy, knowing that in a couple of days it will be old news, well, that’s the smart thing for a blogger to do, isn’t it?  Besides, what more could I possibly add to the gun control debate? Nothing that hasn’t been said a thousand times before.

“There’s people that eats up the whole earth and all the people in it.”

“Then there’s people that stand around and watch them do it.”

When every reasonable suggestion to curb mass shootings receives responses so idiotic that they bugger the imagination and killings just keep on, the tendency is to give up. To accept the fact that there are people in this world with no empathy. Until their child, in a fit of rage or depression, kills dozens of kindergartners with a semi-automatic weapon that they swear was locked up and they become instant pariahs in their communities. Until they’re forced to change their names and move far away. Then they’ll get it. But then it will be too late.

“We’ll own this country someday. They won’t even try to stop us.”

As I was writing this post I heard that one hundred students from Florida are on their way to the state capital to try to talk to the legislators. Instead of thoughts and prayers, let’s send them something they really need: COURAGE, STRENGTH and LOVE.

The images in this blog are from the movie Little Foxes,  based on the play by Lillian Hellman. 

33 thoughts on “I have to say something, sorry

  1. In 2016 (former) Congressman David Jolly(R) introduced a Bill that would strengthen background checks and restrict the type of weapons sold. He had the votes, but at the last minute the Democrats pulled out. We all loose when Congress plays games. That last photo says it all.

    Today, hundreds, if not thousands of children will march in Tallahassee. Let’s hope that someone is listening and has the guts to do something. Congressman Jolly had it right. He spoke up and paid the price by not being re-elected. That speaks volumes about us.

    Jan, thanks for raising this issue.

  2. Well said!
    After the Dunblane Massacre in Scotland 21, years ago the UK gun law was changed. We have had many horrible happenongs since but not another school massacre. I know guns are part of the culture in a diferent way in the US….but so are children.

    Seems to me the people who will force change are the young voters, what a breath of fresh air to read of thier reaction.

    1. Thanks! The National Rifle Association spends millions of dollars misleading the public and causing gun lovers to cling even tighter to their guns. We need to quit voting NRA backed politicians into office. But I doubt that will happen.

  3. And once again, my mind is boggled as I see people posting how teachers should be armed. Like adding more guns to fight guns makes sense, but oh wait, in our crazy country, apparently it does. To think, there are times I want to teach again, and then I’m like, nope.

    1. I have friends who are teachers and who own guns. They all say that they will quit the profession if they’re required to take those guns into a classroom. The school did have an armed guard who is now distraught because he’s being blamed for not doing more. Sad.

  4. I drove by a school today and found myself hoping that all was well within the walls. Not thinking about what the kids were learning, but wondering if they were safe from harm while in school. Then I realized that I’ve never thought like this before, and that it’s most definitely a sign of the times. And not a good sign, at that.

  5. After there was no change following Sandy Hook, I lost faith that real change would ever come. But there is a glimmer of hope for some change. How unfortunate it’s at the expense of so many young and beautiful lives.

    1. I know what you mean. The kids have realized that their lives don’t matter to politicians. Reminds me of the Vietnam War however this time the parents and grandparents are standing with them. When we protested it was often in defiance of our own parents.

  6. I’m certainly not pro-gun, but I’m not all about banning — You know what makes sense? GUN LAWS — tracking, restriction, and enforcement. We do this with all sorts of items in this country. How about we worry about the people who might kill people and the things they use to kill them instead of fussing over what’s offensive to who this week?
    It’s so absurd, I don’t know how people can think the way they do. I don’t know how they can see the news and not see pain and grief and fear. Things over people will not do.

  7. Thanks Jan. We have a hard wire problem here. You know my feelings…humans are doomed and guns are but one nail in the coffin. I think the idea of certain rich people eating the planet while the rest of us stand around is right on the money. For all her flaws, Hellman was good on that point. Too many bombs, too much poison, plastic…fucking plastic, take while you can get it, fuck tomorrow, be the grasshopper by all means. It is no wonder people in the USA are stressed and depressed. I really think our country is turning away from democracy and toward authoritarianism. Our institutions and laws will be burned in the fire. Guns, lies, and big money have brought us to the edge of the abyss and the children who are upset about getting shot, wounded, and killed understand better than anyone. I wish I could give that guy in the NRA a root canal. I’d do it with my Black and Decker like Olivier in Marathon Man. Thanks. Duke

  8. It is a lump and a swallow to write about controversies on a blog. You never know when you might become the target of trolls. So thanks for speaking up. So, so discouraging.

  9. I loved this and am proud of you for standing up and saying these words of concern and strong support for the kids in this country, too.
    I am against assault weapons and rifles. The fact they have automatic reload and no thought before going off is needed is enough reason to Ban Them! Hugs to you, Jan.
    I’m catching up and so sorry I missed several great posts.

  10. Courage, strength and love are certainly needed! “Arm” those kids with as much energy and support. . . Love is the answer and Imagine song is always poignant.
    Paul McCartney mentioned “I lost a good friend from the use of a gun!” He was out and among a group of protestors. Not sure but I thought I saw NYC. This was where John was murdered. Just wonder if any insane Brits would have done this awful murder (?)!!. . . Too bad John didn’t stay there.

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