On a Fine Day

On a fine day,
I took a walk in the hills with a friend.

Someone I’ve known for a long time and with whom
I’ve shared many ups and downs.

We even dated the same fellow and
worked at various times for each other
which is the true test of any friendship
and there were times, ah yes, many times. . .
I was sure our friendship was no more.

Offshore a storm was posed to strike
one rumored to slowly pass and drench the hills,
and flood the coast.
But we did not talk about the weather.
Only of the silly things,
the frogs in a nearby pond frozen to silence
by the loudness of her laugh.
Frogs are shy, don’t you know?
The way horses read your feelings
(through your butt bones).
And our adventures with cannabis,
now that it is legal.

And we ended as we always do,
finding it hard to say goodbye.

22 thoughts on “On a Fine Day

  1. The simple things are what define us at the end. Looking out the window from a bed somewhere, our world shrinks and shrinks until the frogs are presidents and Venus is the remembrance of old friendship. Duke

  2. I like how my best friend are nearly opposites​, yet we balance each other and know what the other is going to say. We are two women born in the same year, she lived in the country and I lived in the city. Oh, how grateful I am to have her balance and clarity. Smiles, Robin

  3. Oops, didn’t finish the phrase:
    *”my best friend and I” thank you, Jan!
    This was so nice to read of you and your close friend.
    I meant to tell you I really liked the calla lily photo on your other post. 💐

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