To Old Friends

Old friends,
when pressed to share,
report they are wellish with no longing to embellish.
Not fine, nor swell,
Just wellish.

Oars still in the water,
although no longer rowing upstream.
Coffee in the morning,
always with cream.
Sunday crosswords and trips to the store,
why has bathing become such a chore?

But … we can still tie our shoes
and no longer care about the weight
we should lose.
Bring on the chocolate, chips, and booze!
The day is still upon us all,
though we be only wellish,
with no longing to embellish.

PK who generally runs from the Evil Walker finally checking it out.


Suddenly they all fell,

hitting the roof of the car like shattered bones,

slipping down the windshield and

getting trapped in the wipers,

helpless like me.

Suddenly they all fell,

swirling in one last do-si-do

blowing past the dog-walkers and bicyclists before

falling into piles in the gutter,

helpless just like me.

Mom Saying Goodbye

I was going to blog about the best cars to buy to survive the coming Zombie Apocalypse but then a friend of mine sent me this beautiful poem which seems much more appropriate for this Memorial Day weekend.  Those of us with elderly parents can easily relate.

Mom Saying Goodbye
by Carol Teltschick 

I call my mother everyday
California to Texas
We talk and laugh

Around and in between the spaces
of a disease in her brain
We talk and laugh

Of things she knows but can’t remember
We know she loves
We talk

I remind her she combed lice
From my hair for

My hair was thick her hands grew tired
Always home for the daughter
who traveled to wild places

Still so much easier than
hanging up a phone

How do I turn this thing off, honey? What do I do with it now?
Ok, that’s the end of it.  Do I push anything down? Does it go there?

It’s always something going. I don’t know why.
We’ve got to get this thing going down.

Honey, can you help me? Gosh, she sounds so sweet.  I have to get it…

She’s gone? She’s gone.
Ok, it’s bye…

California to Texas: expect delays and alternate routes
We talk and laugh
With love

Morro Bay, March 2019

On a Fine Day

On a fine day,
I took a walk in the hills with a friend.

Someone I’ve known for a long time and with whom
I’ve shared many ups and downs.

We even dated the same fellow and
worked at various times for each other
which is the true test of any friendship
and there were times, ah yes, many times. . .
I was sure our friendship was no more.

Offshore a storm was posed to strike
one rumored to slowly pass and drench the hills,
and flood the coast.
But we did not talk about the weather.
Only of the silly things,
the frogs in a nearby pond frozen to silence
by the loudness of her laugh.
Frogs are shy, don’t you know?
The way horses read your feelings
(through your butt bones).
And our adventures with cannabis,
now that it is legal.

And we ended as we always do,
finding it hard to say goodbye.