Jan’s Ice Cream Parlor #ThursdayDoors

My husband has two passions: cooking and trains.  Today he’s making his signature dish, wickedly good Garlic Mac and Cheese, and so I was able to sneak into his train room. For those of you who aren’t involved in that particular hobby, modeling is extremely detail oriented work, particularly when you’re talking about the smaller gauges.  Above is an HO gauge model of the Pacific Fruit Express which is approximately five inches long and two inches tall. It was built from a kit, as were all the trains and buildings I’ll be showing today.

Above are some of the more complicated trains that he’s put together recently.  But there are thousands more.  Believe me.

The passenger trains even have passengers however, they don’t look very healthy.  This must be the Train of the Damned.  

Can you spot the conductor at the door?  He looks like he’s either waving or trying to get out.  Perhaps he’s realized the passengers are all zombies.

The one thing model railroaders are absolutely fanatical about is realism, which means weathering. They’ll spot a rusted building on the side of the road and have to stop to take pictures.  Then they obsess for days over how to achieve that particular look.

Realism also means that buildings must have lights. This factory along the tracks contains over thirty little tiny lights that had to be hand-wired.

I’m not sure but I think this is a loading dock of some sort. I’ve been to model railroad conventions and met women every bit as gung-ho as their partner but that’s not me folks.

Actually, I lied.  I’ve only been to one convention and it was in Redding California back when the romance was fresh, if you know what I mean. If you’re not into trains, you have to be really in love to go to a model train convention. The layouts and exhibits are great but sitting through a one hour forum on  “ways to support your train guy,” well, it’s just not for me.

Below is the Cameramadoodle Ding Dong Candy Factory.

Named for our son Cameron.  Model Railroaders aren’t that imaginative and if you live with one, you’re gonna end up on a marquee.  Did I mention the second floor of Jan’s Ice Cream Parlor is a brothel?  I guess my clients enter through the back door. I don’t know how they get up to it.  I guess they must be awfully horny.

And here, just for Norm, the conductor of the ThursdayDoors challenge, is a door.


43 thoughts on “Jan’s Ice Cream Parlor #ThursdayDoors

  1. I loved model trains when I was a kid. I couldn’t afford the Big Lionel trains, so I opted for the HO trains. It’s such a great hobby.

  2. Hhahah, this is a brilliant account and it testifies to years of experience. 😀 I love it how you in your writerly manner provide stories for your husband, and he cooks, weathers and names. 😀 😀 Hilarious!

  3. Well that was a fun post! I have to admit I’ve never been into model trains either but I can appreciate the attention to detail that goes into it.

  4. Great job, hubby! An ice cream shop and a brothel is an interesting combination. Maybe ice cream to cool things down a bit? At any rate, that was fun, although beware of zombie train riders. I wonder whether they thump-drag up and down the aisles?


  5. I love this post, Jan! My dad didn’t build trains, but he loved Heathkit electronic products. He’d get very excited whenever he started a new one–perhaps a radio, burglar alarm, or even a color TV set! Like the train kits, there were hundreds of little parts, and everything had to be perfect in order for the devices to work correctly–or at all. Like your hubby, he did his building in the basement, but we kids would go down there sometimes to watch for a while. Thanks for reminding me of those days, and for sharing the awesome images and insights about your husband’s fascinating train world.

    1. Thank you Mary! My dad also built things like radios from kits. Joel is quite messy which is why his room is downstairs…. Once he gets the trains running around the tracks hopefully some of the mess will be gone.

  6. “The passenger trains even have passengers however, they don’t look very healthy.” 😁 Perhaps they are indulging a bit too much at Jan’s Ice Cream Parlor? What a delightful take on #ThursdayDoors.

  7. I love your doors. Well, your husband’s doors. I cannot imagine going to a model train convention, so I am in awe of you for doing so. It’s an interesting hobby, but one that’s a bit too realistic for me. Still wonderful photos!

  8. Husbands with hobbies = good. Especially if one of the hobbies is cooking. This month my husband is learning all the intricacies of sound systems. I try to listen. Trains are a sweet passion! As is demonstrated by your brothel.

  9. Loved this train adventure, Jan. The level of detail is amazing!
    I’m still laughing about the conductor trying to get away from the zombies. Ha! You gave an unexpected spin with that. Hugs!

  10. Fantastic model train building! Thanks for sharing Jan’s ice cream parlor.
    I’d think sex and ice cream would need a bigger building and have a line out the door, but maybe that’s just me 😛

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