#ThursdayDoors: Siberia

My friend, who just returned from a trip to Russia, China and Tibet, said these doors and windows reminded her of me.  How sweet!  Thank you Mary Alice!  

She was in Irkutsk which is the capital of Siberia. According to Wikipedia, many journalists, writers and artists were exiled to this city in the 19th century because they irritated the factions currently in charge.

I won’t even attempt to fathom the history of Russia.  Whites, Reds, Bolsheviks, Communists – it’s like trying to sort out the history of British Royalty.  So many rebellions and power struggles.  Ugh.

The dissidents were sent to Siberia because it’s remote and the weather can be brutal but they certainly do have a lot of style.

According to Mary Alice, these are wooden windows. She did a great job on this shot, don’t you think?  Nice reflection.

I googled Irkutsk and was amazed by how many famous people were born in Siberia, Arguably the most famous was Rudolph Nureyev, born here in 1936.

This is an interesting little cabin.  From some reason, it made me think of Lincoln Logs.


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33 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Siberia

  1. Wonderful shots. Kudos to your friend.
    I do believe these are our first Siberian doors. Very interesting post Jan, thanks for sharing these.

  2. Hi Jan! My name is Ginger. I am not a blogger myself, but I am a follower. Hmmmm, that’s what my mother always said and she wasn’t smiling! 🙄 I have seen your comments on some of the posts I follow and decided to ‘check you out’.

    Great doors and windows. And that little cabin is a real eye-catcher. The intricate craftsmanship on these buildings is amazing.

    Sooooo, I couldn’t be happy just reading this blog. Nooooo, I had to sit here and start reading through several of your blogs. Now I can’t stop laughing. 😂😂😂 Love your sense of humor! Unfortunately, this is a major problem for me. Why? Because my old bladder and non-stop laughing are not mutually compatible!!

    So nice to meet you Jan and I’m looking forward to receiving your posts.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

    1. Hi Ginger! Nice to meet you as well! Sometimes we have to ignore what our mothers say. I love to hear that I’ve made someone smile. Thank you so much!

  3. It makes me smile when Thursday Doors bloggers say their friends/family have found doors for them. It shows how fun and contagious this hobby really is! Thanks for sharing TD to your friend, who then shared some very interesting doors 🙂
    The roof of the little cabin is quite peculiar – not something I’ve seen before. Probably some kind of air flow thing (?)

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