Doug Sits Alone in the Middle of a Spotlight

tin hats

“This is not a story about the Jews, the Irish, or the Italians.  No movie deals here.  Nor is it about the breakup of a marriage or the perfect crime.  It is not about growing up or getting laid or going to school or doing drugs.  Tonight I give you three men: Kosinski, Duke, and me.  We share only one thing in common: emotional language. We learned our words on different planets, yet the movement of our lips and hands are the same.  We’re like silence, the surface of the sea, or stealing bibles and you can hear us if you listen, you can see us if you open your eyes.  Chance is our heart and we have built empires upon the philosophy that terrible decisions at noon become great ones by midnight.  But there’s the flip side as well.  Great moves can turn bad, even evil.  The balance is…

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