Becoming a fruit fly

I dreamt that I died but instead of being free to shape shift into some other existence, a fruit fly or whatever, my ex-husband sucked me into a hologram and made me sing White Christmas alongside Bing Crosby.

He would try to do that because he’s a Mormon now and they own their wives forever. Or so they think.

According to the news show VICE (HBO)  it’s not enough that images of dead celebrities are being used to sell products, now they’re being “reanimated” to do things they may not have wanted to do.  Like sing White Christmas with Michael Buble.

Oh Gawd. Save me from a show filled with reanimated celebrities.  I’d never be able to get to sleep.

No, no, no. I loved them but let them go!

Believe it or not, until recently the legal ramifications of digital necromancy were somewhat fuzzy and the estates of several dead celebs  had to sue to protect their star’s legacy.  And they didn’t always win. In the 1970s a judge on the California Supreme Court actually ruled that after Bela Lugosi died, he no longer owned his “personality rights.”  I guess that judge thought the dead don’t care.  I’ve got news for him.

Today, companies have to gain the permission of a dead celeb’s estate before they exploit his or her “personality” to sell products. But what if a celeb dies intestate?  Whoever winds up in control could do whatever they want.  I’m reminded of Stieg Larsson, the author of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series, whose estate ended up in the hands of his estranged father and brother.  According to the reviews, the latest installment of the series sadly does not do justice to Larsson’s legacy.

Hologram of Ronald Reagan.

Poor Ronald Reagan has to give the same speeches over and over again and again at his presidential library.  He was scary enough in the flesh.  Seeing him reanimated would definitely bring on the nightmares.

One good thing about not being a celebrity is no one will try to reanimate me after I’m gone.  I’ll be allowed to die and whatever energy force resides within can either scatter to the winds or find another vessel.  

As a non-celebrity I’ll also never be on the following cruel and sadistic lists:

  • Stars Who Aged Badly
  • Stars Nobody Wants to Work With
  • Stars Whose Spouses Are Unattractive

This picture is from “Stars with Bad Mug Shots.” I have no idea who it is but she kind of looks like me in the morning!

And don’t even get me started on wax museums. 

21 thoughts on “Becoming a fruit fly

  1. That video was creepy. I am not okay. Don’t think ol Bing woulda liked it, either.
    I thought the title would have provided a much more Kafka-esque post, but instead, I enjoyed your levity.

  2. Jan, I recall reading somewhere, years ago, about how George Burns was anticipating a time in the near future where a celebrities features and voice could be used to give a performance that they had never given in real life. The article went on to say how Burns had possibly recorded a lexicon of words in hopes that technology might be able to put emotions to them in the future. Perhaps he had seen what they’d done with the film Forrest Gump and figured he could give a performance in the future. Interesting idea, I must admit. However, I have a question. How in the world did Stars with Bad Mug Shots get a hold of my picture? Particularly since I haven’t posed for that one yet—it’s from distant future? And without my trademark nose too! 😀

  3. A thought provoking subject to which I’ve never really paid any attention. I’ll never have to worry about being ‘reanimated’ either but I agree there is a creepiness to it.

    I was more taken with your comment about Mormons believing they own their wives forever. Seriously?! I have trouble with the concept of being ‘owned’ in the current life let alone any afterlife. Sheesh.

    1. Re Mormons – this is what I’ve heard. A husband can call whichever wives he wants up to heaven. The theory being, you better make your hubby happy or you’ll get to rot in purgatory.

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