To Old Friends

Old friends,
when pressed to share,
report they are wellish with no longing to embellish.
Not fine, nor swell,
Just wellish.

Oars still in the water,
although no longer rowing upstream.
Coffee in the morning,
always with cream.
Sunday crosswords and trips to the store,
why has bathing become such a chore?

But … we can still tie our shoes
and no longer care about the weight
we should lose.
Bring on the chocolate, chips, and booze!
The day is still upon us all,
though we be only wellish,
with no longing to embellish.

PK who generally runs from the Evil Walker finally checking it out.

33 thoughts on “To Old Friends

  1. Oh, my.

    Wellish is slightly better than okay. Okay, for me as a response to the question, ‘How are you?’ is always a lie. There’s hope in wellish. Maybe it’s the -ish? Feels mutable, easy to change to something better.

    Sending you, your ankle and future cane some loving vibes.

    J Join me on Curious Cat Podcast where I explore the shadowy space where science and the supernatural collide. What does it mean to be a soul in a meat suit?


    1. I think friends who have chronic conditions would rather not discuss them but they don’t want to lie about it. I will definitely check out the meat suit broadcast – how could I resist?

    2. I listened to your podcast today, Jenn. Very interesting. I’ve never encountered a poltergeist however I have had messages from beyond – generally very brief and unexpected. After my mother died I got the feeling she was lost which may be the result of all the drugs they had her on. I think it’s best to pass as clear minded as possible. One of my Make-a-Wish kids claimed the room was full of butterflies just before she passed. I couldn’t see them but I could feel their fluttering. The doctor said it was the morphine but I wasn’t on any drugs.

  2. As you get older,health because a perpetual topic of conversation, doesn’t it? Whether to embellish or not depends on the person. Some are willing to go on at great length. 🙂 Your walker photo reminds me of how our 10-month-old grandson, who loves dogs, likes to follow the dogs around at his other grandparents house. He’s hell on wheels in his little walker, the kind where he sits and walks. The dogs run away because the walker will run over their paws which of course he doesn’t notice. It’s hilarious!

    Good job on the poem, BTW.

    1. Yes, there are people who do go on. I have a friend (really an acquaintance) who will hyperventilate if she gains an ounce and she’s quite thin. It’s so annoying when I think of friends with real problems. How do you know your grandson isn’t running over the paws on purpose just to see the doggies run and make you laugh? ; )

    1. Hopefully you will never get there! I have friends with chronic conditions who’ve struggled for a long time. Other friends (same age) are doing fine and dandy.

    1. Here the common response is “good.” I’ve heard that in some countries it’s considered quite rude to greet someone with “how are you?” It’s kind of invasion of privacy.

  3. Ally Bean sent me! That’s a great ‘poem’ – too true that too many can go on and on and on …
    Like Robbie I’m from SA and we always ask how are you or how’s all? The response is usually ok/good/all well thanks, you?

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