Batteries and bunkers #ThursdayDoors

Another place I like to take first time visitors to the San Francisco area is Battery Spencer although there’s nothing to see here.  Not even doors. No docents or guides, hotdog stands or gift shops … even though these structures were built in 1893 and in use until 1943.  Well, the in use part is a bit debatable.

Battery Spencer is a part of a vast system of fortifications built into the Marin Headlands, however the powerful artillery once installed here was never actually used for defense.

This couple was curious enough to peek inside the structures even though there is nothing to see. On the morning we visited (a Tuesday) there were only a few dozen visitors – primarily tourists from throughout the United States and the world. But, on the weekend this place can get so crowded that you have to park a quarter mile or more down the hill and hike up.  And why you may ask …

Because if it’s not foggy, this is the view you will get. Even if there is fog moving in, the sight can be quite unforgettable (although getting back down the hill in fog can be unforgettable for completely different reasons).

Hop on over to Norm’s ThurdayDoors event where you might see buildings that actually have doors … from all over the world and maybe beyond.  T’is the season.


25 thoughts on “Batteries and bunkers #ThursdayDoors

  1. The straight and sparse building style is unlike any bunkers I’ve seen in Europe. Amazing how building styles even differ in buildings like these, where there use is the main thing.

    1. I think if they’d ever been attacked, they wouldn’t have fared as well as some of the bunkers I’ve seen – particularly in Normandy. Since they were built at the end of the Civil War (which never reached the west coast) they weren’t designed for modern warfare. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. I remember when I first stumbled on these bunkers years ago. Like discovering a little slice of history. I like that they have not been prettied up and there is no gift shop near by.

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