The Results of my Colonoscopy

The power company will be shutting me down for a few days as a “big wind event” moves in so please enjoy this “windy” story from Aaron Asselstine who just happens to have a new book out.

tin hats

She made contact by email. I’m guessing the newspaper article from the previous week had put me on her radar. The article was an embarrassment, by the way, but not for being poorly written. A paraphrased interview conducted by an international best-selling author would never be poorly written. The embarrassment was, of course, all mine and it had to do with me being unable to produce good copy despite three days of preparation wherein I stared at my reflection while reciting what I hoped would pass for good copy. It clearly wasn’t good copy, but the international best-selling author interviewing me had plied her trade in a compassionate manner and the following week my bad copy appeared on the fifth page of the local newspaper as legitimately good copy. She even went so far as to call me handsome, and then a few lines after that she compared me to…

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7 thoughts on “The Results of my Colonoscopy

      1. Thanks dan. We have our power back on now but they’re threatening to shut off again as we are still under the threat of fire driven wildfires.

  1. I am confused, have you A:
    had a colonoscopy, I hope the results were good. I have have a couple of of those and sigmoidoscopys too…not fun but needed.
    B: are you in for a big storm .
    Either way keep safe and well, sending good vibes.
    Off to read your reblog now πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

    1. No, Aaron wrote about attending a book faire and compared it to having a colonoscopy. I am in Northern California where there are multiple wild fires happening that are the result of the power company’s ineptitude. They compensate by shutting off the power to everyone.

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