The Whatcha Gonna Do Cookin’ Show

We decided to make the Whatcha Gonna Do Stew exactly as written by Chris LeDoux, singer and songwriter. In case you don’t remember, it consisted of two steps: 1.) Chop vegetables and meat. 2.) Dump into pot of boiling water and cook until “good enough to eat.”

I cheated and added a bag of Herbs of Provence. It didn’t help. It tastes every bit as yummy as it looks.

First, you do not want to use too much water otherwise you don’t have stew; you have soup. Second, meat cooked in boiling water tastes like rubber. Even a good cut of meat. Luckily I don’t like meat so I didn’t use very much.

I should have made this picante sauce to go along with my stew – 10 jalapenos! That would have added some flavor!

One bit of caution: if you do decide to try this recipe, don’t use minced garlic from a jar. It just floats on the top of the water and looks very unappetizing.

According to the Cowboy Poet, I probably should have made my stew in a hole in the ground (in Texas with Colorado dirt and the Wyoming wind, of course).

I didn’t know anything about Chris LeDoux, who died way too young, but apparently “whatcha gonna do” was his tagline. If you go to his website, you can purchase all kinds of goodies including his “Whatcha Gonna Do” wines and spirits. Below is one of his songs.

If he had lived longer, perhaps he would have starred in his own Whatcha Gonna Do Cooking show. Unlike other cookin’ shows, no need for trips to the store for fancy spices. Just meat, potatoes and vegetables all cooked in some water. I have a feeling he was a cool guy to know but Jacques Pepin, he was not! But … whatcha gonna do?

22 thoughts on “The Whatcha Gonna Do Cookin’ Show

  1. Well, if you were starving, boiling meat is the best way to extract all of the nutrients. But maybe, a quick brown, and a braise with red wine would have helped.

    Tasting History w/Max Miller is one of my favorite youtube channels. That and Adam Ragusea’s channel.

  2. thanks for introducing us to Chris LeDoux and his stew – oh and his voice has that twang like a good country star should have

    also, I bet he would have his own show today – and it would have been fun

  3. Still, there is something yummy in this.
    I’m a veggie, so I make veggie stews all the time. This recipe has too many peppers, not enough veggies and what’s with the sugar and vinegar. UCH!

  4. My husband made a very similar stew when we were first married. That was 38 years ago and I haven’t let him cook since. He’s a smart man,my husband. 😉
    P.S. Ally Bean sent me.

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