Painting the town #muralmysteries

Guess who reappeared today? The hummingbird. Well, at least his head.

And the fish is getting a friend.

I took my walk early today as the temps are forecast to hit 80. I hope she has plenty of water and sunscreen.

Across the street another artist was at work.

I’m not sure what he’s painting on – some sort of utility box. I asked him if the rabbit had a name and he said “Grasshopper Topper” or something like that. I said “Oh yeah?” And went on with my stroll.

I wonder who I’ll run into tomorrow. A grasshopper named Funny Bunny?

12 thoughts on “Painting the town #muralmysteries

  1. I love photos of artists in action – and his grasshopper topper is off to a good start –
    Also – glad to see the hummingbird coming back

    1. We’re having a heat wave and so both artists weren’t out today – nothing worse than having your paint dry too fast! Tomorrow it will be cooler so we shall see!

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