As I thought might happen, the threat of thunderstorms slowed progress on the mural. The only noticeable change is, the bobcat now has spots.

The artist seemed to be contemplating whether to add more spots or not.

The other two artists were working on the side of the library. Once they finish it will be difficult to tell the real leaves from the painted ones.

Across the street Grasshopper Topper’s gotten a little further along – probably because the artist doesn’t have to use a cherry picker!

The artist told me he’s planning to paint animals on the other three sides once he’s done with Topper. I didn’t ask him what kind of animals. Why spoil the surprise?

17 thoughts on “Spots

    1. I stopped by yesterday but it was difficult to see what they were working on. I’m hoping to get over there tomorrow – generally they don’t work on Sunday and I can see the progress.

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