#ThursdayDoors: Best Poke Bowl


Today we return to Hawaii to find doors (last time I promise).  These doors lead to the Kahuku Superette in the small town of Kahuku on the east shore of Oahu. They might not look like much but on the other side you can experience the  Best Poke Bowl in Hawaii (according to them).  We had no idea what Poke Bowl was and took turns guessing.  My guess, it was a bowling alley where they used coconuts as the balls and pineapple as the pins.


If you’ve clicked the link above you know how far off base I was. It’s Hawaiian fast food.  A Poke Bowl has a base of either white or brown rice, chips and/or salad.  Followed by the condiments: white onions, sweet corn, carrots, seaweed, cucumbers, avocado and/or mango and the poke (raw fish): salmon, tuna, albacore, spicy tuna, shrimp, crab, scallop, hamachi, and unagi. Then you have your choice of sauces: original (mild/spicy), spicy mayo, unagi, Japanese Kimchi, honey avocado and/or miso. Last but not least,  Poke Bowl is topped with any or all of these garnishes: masago, sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi, and green onions.

Is your head spinning yet?

Poke Bowls are served differently, depending on what part of the island you’re on.PokeBowl2We’d stopped at the superette to pick up water and pretzels for the nearby beach (which was rumored to have calmer waves than the North Shore). Squeamishly we passed on their world famous Poke Bowl.

One more pic of the wild waves and then Aloha Hawaii!


By the way, if you find yourself craving a Poke Bowl, I’ve read that they might become the next rage in the culinary world!

Check out other doors at Norm Frampton’s #ThursdayDoors challenge here. 

34 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors: Best Poke Bowl

  1. I was introduced to this dish a few months ago although it was called simply a rice bowl. It’s divine! …and one of my new favourite dishes. We toss on top of it whatever vegetables we happen to have although avocados and tomatoes are a personal favourite!
    I can see why these bowls might become the new culinary sensation. I’m hooked 🙂

    1. It’s very similar to a salad bar in that you can put whatever you want on top! I heard one lady say that she’d put so much seafood in her Poke Bowl that Jacques Cousteau would be spinning in his grave!

  2. Yum yum yum! I’ve never had one, but I always think they look and sound fabulous! I would love to try one, so I hope they do go trendy here in the continental US.

  3. It looks delicious. I always like to know what’s behind the doors. I’m not a fan of raw fish. Maybe someone will make a wimp’s version, after it becomes a thing here. The photos are great!

    1. Maybe they’ll open a Poke Bowl place in Ireland soon! By the way, your newsletter was hilarious. Did you really write your own review?

    1. The pictures are actually from different restaurant’s web pages! The fish is generally raw but I understand some places do offer cooked fish.

  4. Hope you continue blogging about Hawaii, reminds me of home. BTW, a hole in the wall in Kapahulu (near Waikiki) called Ono Hawaiian Seafood has reviews of serving the best poke bowls (we tasted and it was really fresh and good). Not to confused with Ono Hawaiian Food nearby that serves great Hawaiian food.

  5. There are probably many holes in the wall claiming to have the best Poke Bowl! The one in Kahuku was very close to the shrimp farms so I imagine the shrimp was very fresh! I don’t know if I have too much more to say about Hawaii, except that I miss it too!

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