14 thoughts on “On the ledge #WordlessWednesday

    1. These pictures are from LaJolla – the lady on the ledge reminded me of Carol – something she might have done when she was done there for treatment.

  1. I’ve been to LaJolla on two visits. I love it there. If I remember rightly, I bought some lovely Christmas tree decorations from an all-year Christmas shop there.

    I wouldn’t want to sit so close to the edge, though.

      1. I’ve seen people walking along the edges of high cliffs that are in danger of collasping. Even those the warnings are clear, they still risk their lives.

  2. I have questions for the lady sitting on the ledge. Do we know for sure she’s a lady? I would hope not. I’m sure you are aware that your jpeg photo probably has captured her thoughts. You can rub lemon juice on the jpeg and what she is thinking will quickly become apparent. I’m guessing she’s contemplating China. Do you think the flowers are a product of the Hand of God or a city gardener? Probably the latter. Unfortunately, this doesn’t have the same spontaneity as the first try. Funny how that goes. Oh well, we live, we die and what happens in-between is like the woman on the ledge and the purple flowers. Thanks. Duke

    1. Carol spent some time in La Jolla at a clinic offering a long shot cure. She often told me how she liked to climb out on the ledges and contemplate returning to Australia one last time. I don’t know what kind of flower that was but it hung over my head as if trying to bite me. Lots of beautiful plants in SoCal – I imagine in your part of Mexico as well.

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