The Eyes Have It

Today, the last of the pictures I took while on a Mission Trail Mural walk down in San Francisco.

Who wouldn’t want to come home to these garage doors?

The murals in the Mission are an example of a community working together with artists to transform alleys into places where you want to hang out and not simply get through as fast as possible. They reflect the histories and passions of the residents and also provide an escape pod for the imagination. For example, if you look closely in the mural below (painted on a garage door and thus eligible for entry in Norm Frampton’s #ThursdayDoors event) you can see a  figure in the pupil of the eye.  If I had to guess I’d say it’s a soldier in a helmet. 

Below the eye is a row of lashes perhaps inspired by Clockwork Orange?

This mural is one of my favorites.  It promises that if you open the door you’ll find yourself in a magical world.

Below is a crowd favorite.  People (particularly women) stood in front of this mural forever and would not move until they’d identified each face of “the women of the resistance.”
I didn’t even try.  I was more interested in the figures hovering over them (all dressed in business suits). The message was, if you’re wearing a business suit you’re most likely either polluting the planet or a greedy warmonger.

If you’re planning a trip to San Francisco and/or have a particular interest in murals, check out the PrecitaEyes website. This group has been promoting street art since 1977. They even have a museum and a community center. To see other special doors from around the floor, check out Norm’s place.


32 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It

    1. San Francisco has many diverse neighborhoods crammed into a relatively compact area. The things true from the movies is there are many steep hills and the fog is apt to roll in at any time meaning you need to take a coat with you even in August.

  1. You Stated — “I didn’t even try. I was more interested in the figures hovering over them:

    My Response — I almost missed it looking at the people below.

  2. Very cool!
    At first I thought this would be about the controversial historical murals at the HS in SF. Would you dare venture an opinion? – as an artist.(There I’ve given you an idea for your next post!)

  3. I so love these doors. Our street art festival was so bleak, I even don’t know if I want to share. May be some day in the future. Your garage doors are so colorful and attractive. What a great detail added to the beautiful city.

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