The Scariest Things in my Neighborhood

Demons have frozen the Photo app on my iPhone and so I can’t share all the pictures I took of the ghouls and goblins in my neighborhood. But believe me, if I could show them all to you, you’d never be able to sleep at night!

Beware — The Ghost of the Golf Widow! We have at least one in the neighborhood. Above is Joe, the Ninety-Nine Hole Golfer. Apparently the Golf Widow heard that he left his wife every weekend to putt around with his old Frat buddies; left his wife to tote water to the kids’ soccer games alone and unaided; left his wife to weed the garden, do the shopping and deal with the temper tantrums. And so one day, Joe mysteriously dropped dead at age forty-five and now his bones stand as a stark reminder to all golf fiends.

Now if Clyde and Fergus actually played those banjos it might make for a very scary Farmer’s Market Pumpkin Patch, don’t you think? Nah.

As for haunted houses, we have only one probability. This bungalow which has been abandoned for about two years.

Unfortunately, I don’t think it was abandoned because it was haunted. I used to walk past when it was occupied and it seemed like a happy little place. I think the people who bought it (for a million dollars!) are probably waiting on … waiting on … waiting on building permits! Now that’s … scary!

Have a Happy Halloween!

15 thoughts on “The Scariest Things in my Neighborhood

  1. I did have a Happy Hallowe’en, in spite of all the scary posts on WP!
    Gee, that abandoned house looks pretty nice! I adore bungalows. They are rare in Toronto.

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