Spaceship Garden #ThursdayDoors

The other day I had coffee with a very dear friend in the nearby town of Berkeley California, which has a plethora of unusual and interesting doors. Unfortunately, I was driving and driving in a college town requires one’s complete attention … particularly while classes are in session. Students on their way to class rarely pay attention to crosswalks or street lights or cars. And those on some sort of wheelie jig are the worse. And so for my doorscursion I had to concentrate on the neighborhood around the iconic coffee shop where we met.

Can you see the UFO and the Spaceman standing over it?

The Spaceship garden sat in front of this proud Victorian.

Which, although well taken care of, was largely hidden by overgrown vegetation. As were many of the houses in the area. On the corner was this lending library.

It was probably built by a model railroader, don’t you think? Look at the attention to detail!

My friend … Charlie is his name … is about to embark on a grand adventure. He’s pulling up roots in the Bay Area and moving to Maine. To a small town in Maine.

Charlie is first class photographer who has written a couple of truly gorgeous coffee table books. He’s also involved in the Seed Saver and Build Back Better – Farms movements. On his way across country he plans to visit many like-minded folks.

I’m hoping that he’ll shared his experiences via this blog. Sort of like my friend Carol did during her horseback trek across the Aussie Outback.

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13 thoughts on “Spaceship Garden #ThursdayDoors

  1. That first photo does look like we’re being invaded. The Victorian is lovely. I like the railroad themed lending library – those are some of my favorite doors. Your friend is about to begin an amazing journey. I hope he does share some of what he finds.

    1. Thanks – there are many lovely Victorians in that part of town but many are hidden by overgrown trees and bushes – perhaps on purpose. Berkeley is known for its eccentrics!

  2. You can’t beat a well cared for Victorian. So much lovely detail. It sounds like Charlie will fit in well in Maine. We do love our seeds and farms.

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