Suddenly they all fell,

hitting the roof of the car like shattered bones,

slipping down the windshield and

getting trapped in the wipers,

helpless like me.

Suddenly they all fell,

swirling in one last do-si-do

blowing past the dog-walkers and bicyclists before

falling into piles in the gutter,

helpless just like me.

43 thoughts on “Fallen

  1. My township vacuums up leaves a few times each autumn. That is, leaves that homeowners have gathered and dumped alongside the curbs. The vacuum trucks haven’t gotten to many blocks yet. There are millions of leaves, on my block alone, waiting to get sucked into those trucks.

  2. Oh my, not sure I’ve ever read a comparison of piles of leaves in a gutter to a person inconvenienced by a cast & a leg brace. Obviously you’ll rise up again, while the sad leaves will never make it back onto the tree. I think you’re better than a leaf, with more potential. Just saying…

      1. Yes shock will still be with you but recovery will come. I know I have broken my back on two occasions… Learned to walk twice and recovered. I have faith in you , you can do this 💜💜💜💜

  3. Hi Jan,

    This is one of your better ones. A beautiful snapshot, taken with one of those old Polaroides and you have it in your hand before the thought is finished. Duke

  4. Lovely poem, Jan, with vivid descriptions of the leaves, and the helplessness of being injured. It is a very unique and intimidating state when one cannot walk, and I sympathize immensely. I do know you’ll be up and walking again, it will take time, but you will. Sending my best wishes.

  5. HI Jan, it sounds like you are struggling quite a bit with your broken ankle. You have found a way to relate your own helplessness to the falling leaves and you’ve done it very well. I hope you are better soon.

      1. I can only imagine. I’ve sprained an ankle bad a couple times. Does drag you down. And that’s just one leg.
        Look. I think it’s ok to give to lethargy a bit. After it’s a signal your body sends: “Take a rest”. Nothing wrong with that.

      2. Time. Now don’t forget rehab afterwards… Always helps. My eldest brother broke a leg a while back. Couldn’t be bothered with rehab and now his leg hurts when he is not careful.

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