The cure for cancer is more cancer …

If I had to categorize 2022 I would have to say it was a year during which very little made sense.

The year started out with such beautiful weather (at least here in California) that I found myself lured onto a Pickleball court by supposed friends. If you insist on following the rules, as my friends did, this game makes no sense at all. Don’t go in the kitchen unless … only hit the ball if it bounces unless …. Ah heck. It’s a nice day. Let’s get an ice cream cone and chat!

In February the unthinkable happened. Russia invaded Ukraine. Why Putin is still in power doesn’t make any sense. Why so many Republicans (or should I call them Trumplicans?) are opposed to stopping him doesn’t make any sense either. It’s certainly not the Republican party of my father and grandparents, that’s for sure.

April and May I took a lot of walks around town. My excuse — to check out murals that were popping up on the sides of buildings and on utility boxes and watch the artists at work. Now that, made sense.

In June we drove down to visit family in San Diego and took a side trip Santa Catalina Island. On the island, electric golf carts have taken the place of cars. Now that makes sense. As do the many ceramic murals around the town.

July’s highlight has always been our small town parade. This year it was marred by a mass shooting at another small town parade. Of course, it wasn’t the only mass shooting this year. According to the NRA, the solution to gun violence is more guns. That’s like saying the cure for cancer is more cancer. Does that make sense to you?

In August, for only the second time in six years, Drimia Maritima re-emerged. This time with a child! Because it first blossomed after my mother’s death, seeing it gives me hope that death is not the ending. Doesn’t make any sense I know.

In October we published Duke Miller’s fourth book, Willem Dafoe Comes to Town. Miller writes brutally about things in this world that make no sense but he does so beautifully.

November I was glued to the television watching the election results when I sprung from the chair to check on the laundry. Too late I realized that my left leg had completely fallen asleep. Next thing I knew I was sprawled out across the floor. There went our holiday plans.

As to whether next year will make sense or not, I do not know. Let’s hope so!

20 thoughts on “The cure for cancer is more cancer …

  1. You into bonsai at all? It seems like it would fit your gestalt. I watch a lot of Heron’s Bonsai on youtube. Peter Chan is erudite with his topic as he is deft with his clippers.

    Marching forward with numbers. Everything is counted. Did neolithic peoples measure time by the year, by the decade? You can’t drive until you’re 16, vote until 18, drink until 21, retire until 65. How many candles? What does it matter? The old year is dead, the new one, swaddled, crying, suckling at the world’s tit, hoping people don’t resent its existence come 365 days from now.

    Let’s all publish in ’23.

    1. I don’t think I have the patience for bonsai. Happy New Year Anon – I’m hoping for a bit more sanity next year but I’m not – I’m so weary of ridiculous, nonsensical arguments. Yes, publish!

  2. I tried bonsai once. Like buying a micropig tha turns out to be a pig. It’s still going giving shade to all and sundry. The tree not the pig.
    Anyway I think a nation that still forces one family to spend its life sniffing new paint and cutting ribbons can give no lessons on making sense to anyone else. Here’s to our new bonsai monarchy and publish and be damned, Jan. Happy 2023 and May all Californians need galoshes this year.

  3. Happy New Year, Jan. I hope your break is healing well. It’s lovely to see a post from you. Perhaps things make sense if you view them through glasses tinted with greed, corruption and self interest.

  4. 2022 had some highs and lows for me as well…the lows being my sweet dog being diagnosed with Lymphoma, and having to pony up a ton of money for a special assessment for (admittedly much needed) work to be done to our townhome, and the high being a vacation I took to France.

    Hoping that 2023 will bring, along with rain and snow here in CA, remission for my dog (last week of chemo next week!), and a vacation to Alaska for the rest of us. Fingers crossed!

  5. I like how you played with the idea of making sense with the current events and happenings in your life
    And my top memory with your blog was the art you found on your walks !
    Really enjoyed seeing some of them unfold

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