And so it was Christmas

I guess I’m lucky in that my parents never made a big deal out of holidays or birthdays and so I generally approach them with lowered expectations. There was a time when my children were young that I went a little crazy during the holidays with the baking and the decorating and the quest for the perfect gifts and stocking stuffers and generally spent Christmas day exhausted and sick with whatever crud was going around. This year I had to cancel all plans to attend family events and “stay off my feet” per doctor’s orders. And so I’ve been reading and watching television a lot more than usual.

I can’t just watch television. I have to be doing something else. The above head was sculpted from a fifty pound block of clay probably while binging on Masterpiece Theater. However my wrists gave out a few years back. When Michelangelo’s wrists gave out, he had an army of assistants. Alas I only have the cat. And so this year I went back to sketching.

My first was an attempt at a digital Christmas card. For inspiration I used an old photo taken by my father which always seemed to capture the magic of childhood.

But it seemed a little dark for Christmas so I added some color.

Whoops – the little girl doesn’t look too happy, does she? I decided she didn’t like babysitting and so I gave her a peacock only the damn thing jumped onto her head. Then I found a glittery glue stick one of the grand kids left behind and went a little crazy.

That’s supposed to be a strawberry ice cream cone she’s holding but the glue and glitter came out in a blob and bubble and made quite a mess. Ah well, that was Christmas for me. But … it could have been worse. My original holiday plans were to fly home from San Diego today via a Southwest Airlines jet!

On to 2023, God help us one and all. We’re gonna need it.

6 thoughts on “And so it was Christmas

  1. That picture is amazing. I cannot draw for the life of me, but I like how it took on a new spirit, with the peacock and the ice cream and all. And I just finished reading another blog post about someone trying to get home from San Diego on Southwest. I’ll bet that’s happening to lots of people right now, yeah? Glad you’re getting some down time.

  2. Your drawings are beautiful. I know how you feel about doing something while watching TV. I rarely just sit and watch. I watched from afar in horror as SW Airlines messed with people’s lives, ruining so much for so many. I’m glad we usually stay home over the holidays. Happy New Year!

  3. Hi
    Well you know I am going to say you were blessed to stay home and not fly southwest –
    But being “grounded” can be a challenge and sketching sounds like a great way to also keep your hand and brain in sync
    I liked seeing the progress of the piece and adding the peacock and ice cream and design in shirt made it all a beautiful surreal feel!

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