After the storm

We had a whopper of a storm yesterday which lingered into this morning. The winds sounded like jumbo jets flying low over house and the rain went on and on and on.

During one of the few breaks, the squirrel decided to tease the kitty. By now Mr. Squirrel has figured out that there’s a pane of glass protecting him from Mr. Kitty.

Around three in the afternoon we lost all contact with the outside world. The power went out as did the internet. It’s happened before and it’s something we’re prepared for with plenty of battery and solar powered lamps. And when I say plenty of batteries, we buy them Costco bulk style.

Poor Mr. Kitty just can’t stand it anymore and lunges into the glass. I guess we know which is the smarter animal! But Mr. K is much more cuddly than Mr. S.

Luckily we own one of the oldest Wolf stoves in the world. We have to light the pilots with matches (also something we buy in bulk) but it sure is nice on a cold, dark and stormy night to have a hot meal. Mr.Wolf Stove can’t do anything special and is a bitch to clean but I’m not getting rid of him until they make me.

The most unnerving thing that happened during the storm was losing cell phone service. I didn’t realize how much like the old transistor radios those things have become. I was a fool to get rid of the ones we had.

I probably wouldn’t have gone out this morning as many trees are down in my neighborhood and on the local highway but it was my last regularly scheduled physical therapy session. Hurrah! I wasn’t about to miss that! And when the clouds did part, boy oh boy was Mt Diablo a glorious sight. A symphony of greens.

Not the best photo (from a moving car!) but you get the idea. Eat your heart out Switzerland!

36 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Those first and last photos are just grand, JT. I know what you mean about cell phones. We had a land line for years while still in Ohio and if the power went out, it would still work. I keep a crank radio in my emergency bag when I go on trips and it would work if we lost power at the house for a long time and needed it. We don’t have to worry much here about being too cold if the power goes out, but again when we lived in Ohio, we had a wood-burning stove inserted into our fireplace so we’d always have heat even if just in that part of the living room.


    1. The idea of a crank radio sounds super cool to me right now! We can’t burn wood in the Bay Area but luckily it rarely goes below freezing – knock on wood!

  2. Great photos of Mr’s K and S lol. Thank goodness for the Wolf stove too , a hot meal always helps. Well done on reaching the end of your physio don’t forget to keep the exercises going! That last photo of Mount Diablo is absolutely ace 💜

  3. Wow! That is one seriously stunning view. Bad weather and power outage aside, you’re blessed to live in such a beautiful place.
    Poor kitty. Squirrels are such a tease.

  4. Great news about your last PT appointment, Jan. Congratulations. Fun seeing the squirrel and kitty action, and hearing about your old Wolf stove; and it came through for you in the power outage and storms, something an electric stove could never do. These storms are crazy. Great photo of Mt. Diablo.

  5. An amazing photo. You’re right to challenge Switzerland. We have a Wolf but it’s an electric cooktop, so not useful in the way that yours is.

    1. At certain times of the year – particularly in the farm country north of us – it does look like Switzerland or Ireland. Our Wolf stove is at least forty years old.

  6. Wow, Jan! So much going on! Noise from the winds must have been unnerving. Kitty-Squirrel photo is a work of art. Love it. Trees down – yikes! But, oh, that Mt. Diablo. Congrats re physical therapy. You did it!

  7. Weather has really become crazy… One of those days we’re gonna have snow here in Mexico…
    Mr Squirrel is a bandit for sure… (Your cat is lovely…) 🐱

  8. Hi Jan, I think the squirrel is really funny. Quite smart too. I am glad you are set up to withstand power outages in reasonable comfort. We have lots here so we have a generator and solar power. I hope your last physio session went well.

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