Topper sets forth

We’re heading into another heat wave and so I took my walk early this morning. I was a little surprised, given the forecast, that the artists weren’t taking advantage of the cool weather.

Topper looks like he’s ready to hit the trail, with his basket of carrots and a bit of dandelion fluff in his hand. The other sides of the utility box are as yet, untouched

Of course, in the morning the building is in shadows which could make it difficult to do detail work.

It’s hard to tell what kind of lizard this is … a gecko or perhaps even an iguana. Our local lizards are quite tiny!

It also looks like the hummingbird is complete. Not sure what he’s up to though. Waiting for the otter to pass?

I liked this peak into the library. Above the spider’s web it looks like the beginning of a dogwood branch.

From the side. I wonder if they’re planning to add anything else. What do you think? Perhaps another hawk?

From a distance. Walking through my small town as it’s preparing for the day always reminds me of this song. Shopkeepers putting out chairs and tables, trucks bringing supplies to restaurants and stores, bicyclists stopping for a coffee.

#MuralMysteries: A surprise!

I didn’t expect this …

The mysterious face was that of a bobcat, otherwise known as a red lynx. I have seen coyotes, foxes and even mountain lions in the hills around town but I’ve never seen a bobcat. I guess because, like domesticated cats, they’re active primarily at dawn or dusk. The rest of the time, they sleep.

The artists hadn’t begun working at the time of my walk and so I was able to get a few close ups.

Poor fish looks like he knows he’s in trouble!

The leaves she was so tenderly working on.

Across the street, Topper is coming along nicely. It looks like he has a backpack full of carrots.

For the next couple of days we’re expecting unsettled weather with the possibility of thunderstorms so I doubt much will get done on the mural.