I’ll try again

A couple of days ago I complained that WordPress had eaten my post but not the images I’d uploaded for the post.

We finally got some rain, not enough to put a dent in our drought but enough to slow many of the wildfires burning west and north of here.

Many of you were nice enough to try to shed some light on what might have happened.

  • Hugh, from Hugh’s News and Views, suggested that the post was in quarantine pending a review by WordPress. Hugh’s a brilliant guy who knows just about everything about blogging but I didn’t write anything nasty enough to be censored. However, I checked and guess what? What he meant (which I misinterpreted) is that, if your site has been infected by malware, it will be quarantined until the malware is snuffed. Generally you will receive an email if this happens but not always. Especially if you have multiple email addresses like I do. So, thanks once again Hugh!
  • A few bloggers suggested that I may not have saved the post before publishing it. That could well have been true.
  • Yvonne at Priorhouse told me to turn on two factor log in asap. An excellent idea!
  • Anon, blogging over at Anonymole – apocryphal alligators, suggested that I had two versions of the post open and saved the wrong draft. Also possible. I’m generally doing two things at once.

But instead of guessing, I have put a question into the Happiness Engineers. Thanks everyone for your help!

Kitty posing next to a collage done by a friend of mine named Craig DelGaudio He cuts ads out of magazines and pastes them on torn pieces of cardboard and then he singes the edges. Kitty is definitely in need of a new cat condo, isn’t he?
Kitty posing next to another piece of art. A train trestle for Joel’s model train layout. This piece took him all summer to assemble. He’s very meticulous about some things. Not everything — like his bathroom, sigh.

Okay guys, I’ve saved this post three times! So I’ll add one last thing – an image gallery of my friend’s artwork for your amusement. My favorite collage is Pep up your parts! What do you think it was an ad for?

Pressing publish and hoping I’m not sending y’all a blank post.

19 thoughts on “I’ll try again

  1. I’m glad you got the post out as you have a lot of interesting images here. Who knows the way of WordPress? I like the rain gauge (glad the fires have at least slowed) and your friend’s artwork.

    1. Yes, it’s still raining up in the mountains which is really good news. The rain gauge probably isn’t that accurate but I’m afraid I have a soft spot for cutesy outdoor things – except pink flamingos and trolls!

  2. I’ve been reading your posts, but each time I attempt to “like” one, the site won’t let me. Just know, I always enjoy reading your posts.

  3. I’m glad you contacted the WordPress Happiness Engineers and that my thoughts on what may have caused the problem were almost on the right track. Thank you for the mention.
    And I hope that the rain gauge has been topped up since you took the photo.

  4. Can’t help out with the WordPress mystery, Jan, but I can say I think your rain gauge is very fun and even more fun is the wet deck behind the table. A wet deck is a wonderful thing. I share your glee with our first rain and must admit I stood longer than usual at puddles. Fun kitty photos and collages too. Cheers and hopes for more rain in our future.

  5. I published mine. Of course it was saved. Went to do sth around the house, when I got back it was gone. So it’s WP, not my forgetfulness. Period. Besides, it happened several times. I may be crazy, but I’m not THAT crazy.

    1. I think they probably run some kind of a program across all WP sites and if a bug is suspected in a post, they zap that post. They claim they only quarantine it and that post of mine disappeared. So….

      1. Interesting. I’ve been flooded with spam who seem to have hacked blogs I follow. But the blogs have not been quarantined. And I’ve been “chatting” with WP support for weeks. Can’t seem to find a solution….
        Sorry your post disappeared.

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