They Volunteered

Lawrence Standerwick Jameson, World War I.  He fought in France and returned home … never to travel oversees again.  Both of his sons also served in the military although neither directly saw combat.

Robert Bruce McKee, Jr. World War II, Air Force.  Fortunately for his mother, the war ended before he was deployed.  However Dad had been raring to go.

I’m sure both men would have volunteered despite warts or bone spurs or any number of ailments.


#WordlessWednesday – Veteran’s Day


This is how my grandfather looked before he went to war (WWI). He came back with gaunt cheeks and hollowed eyes and never quite overcame the stomach ailments he returned with.


His name written on the back, probably by his mother or father.  This post was inspired by Bruce Goodman’s wonderful story over on Weave A Web.  Check it out (but have your hankies on hand).