They Volunteered

Lawrence Standerwick Jameson, World War I.  He fought in France and returned home … never to travel oversees again.  Both of his sons also served in the military although neither directly saw combat.

Robert Bruce McKee, Jr. World War II, Air Force.  Fortunately for his mother, the war ended before he was deployed.  However Dad had been raring to go.

I’m sure both men would have volunteered despite warts or bone spurs or any number of ailments.


24 thoughts on “They Volunteered

  1. Breaks my heart that these boys, who pictures prove they were very young men, had to fight in those wars. Combat is a bit more tech now, with missiles and drones instead of trenches, though tanks in sand and landmines, too, make war still so harrowing for such young brave soldiers. I think about how they will, every soldier who sees active combat or works as a medic or doctor, everyone on the front lines, real or metaphorical, will have to carry that with them for the rest of their lives. So grateful to them and so much wish there was no such thing as war. Peace, Jan xo

    1. My grandfather (Jameson) was a very young man when he went to war but when he returned home, that gentle, hopeful look on his face was gone. Before and after pictures are stunning and sad.

  2. This sort of volunteerism is in a category of it’s own, isn’t it? This is not canvassing for Red Cross or sitting on a not-for-profit board of directors. I thank them and every other military man or woman past or present.

  3. My dad was a WWII vet who was drafted. He didn’t volunteer. His family were Quakers and he may have been able to get CO status, but he didn’t. He never went overseas after the war either.

    1. Good for him. Military service has given many young people an education and a start in life. I get bone spurs on my wrist and they are treatable. Sometimes they go away on their own.

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