Live Your Passions – Charlie Costello

IMG_1102I’m off to jolly ole England for a couple of weeks with my husband and sister – seven days seeing London and four days touring the rest of the country. During that time I very much doubt I’ll be able to conquer my fear of the iPhone long enough to do any blogging so I’m planning to re-post reader favorites while I’m gone, beginning this gentleman’s.


Charlie Costello, III

I’ve known Charlie Costello for quite some time now.  He’s a fabulously talented photographer and master gardener who also works tirelessly on causes aimed at saving our oceans.  In Burma Bikes he combines his passions for both the Burmese people and their bikes in a beautiful, high quality edition worthy of gracing any coffee table or library.

So you can imagine my surprise when he liked this post – #rukidding – so much he thought it should go viral.   It’s about the time I looked up from a gynecological exam to see this sign: tweet_0001

Now, I seriously doubt Kaiser would want me to tweet my experience while in gynecological stirrups!

During exam LNP says “Irregular moles.” Me: “In my…?” LNP: “Yes.” #OfAllPlaces! #kaiser
Dermatologist happens to be nearby. I ask “What happens if the moles are…” “We’ll freeze, cut or burn.” #OMG! #kaiser
Dermatologist: “False alarm.” LNP: “You look pale.” #duh #kaiser

But anyway, Charlie’s a great friend and in his honor I’m posting a couple of spectacular photographs from his book Burma Bikes.  




His photos are currently on display in the Presidio in downtown San Francisco (the Tides Foundation gallery).


4 thoughts on “Live Your Passions – Charlie Costello

  1. Next week! Mostly we’ll be in and around London – my husband has a hankering to see all the museums – my sister and I want to see the countryside!

  2. I want to see the English countryside too – so I will want a full report. (I expect there will be some blog fodder and pictures to come).

    Speaking of pictures I especially like Charlie’s balloons over Burma.

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