Draggin Ass? Dragon Mood?

Love this gal’s honesty!


I don’t know why we call it draggin ass. Maybe those guys with the droopy pants are draggin ass, but my ass is relentlessly buoyant. My tummy, after three abdominal surgeries in four years, has long been an entity unto itself, but even still, it leads with aplomb.

My mood, now that’s another matter.
I’m about ready for a nap.
I have slept every night, all week. All week with the sleeping at night. Last night, I dozed off on The Mister and he woke me up because I snored at him. Good for me. I love to snore my face. And to beat him to it. I hope I become a louder, more obnoxious snorer as I age. I hope I fall into my pillow and snore within minutes. Imagine us harmonizing — me, a wee hedge trimmer, him, a bigass chainsaw.

We all have relationship goals, amirite?


I see…

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4 thoughts on “Draggin Ass? Dragon Mood?

  1. Jan, this is a fun reblog and Joey never filters the truth of the matter! Why do men complain about our breathing when their snoring raises the roof?! 😴💤💤

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