The Mission, Part 3: Whimsy

Not all of the murals you’ll find in the alleyways of the Mission district of San Francisco have an overt message.  Some are whimsical and fun.

Below we have a rooster wearing a crown and angel wings while having his morning coffee.  Above him reads “Protecting our home from gentrification.”  Is he the winged avenger out to save the community from yuppies?  Or is he the developer hell bent on gentrifying the neighborhood? Heck, maybe he’s just a figment of the artist’s imagination.

The following two are side by side.

Okay … scratches head.  Pink feathers orbiting the sun?  Sun dispensing pink feathers?

Hum, Death Star breaking through barriers to join the Donut Galaxy?

Other murals (in the gallery below) seem to depict a skateboarding Spider Man, Che Guevara fighting a deer-headed man, a space ship taking off, man-sized thorny flowers, a drug deal gone sour, and an elephant god holding pink parasols. (click on any image to see them full size)

Feel free to add your interpretations in the comments.  My favorites of the murals tomorrow.

11 thoughts on “The Mission, Part 3: Whimsy

  1. Thx for posting, love them!

    My faves are by the artist who painted “man-sized flowers” and I think the flowers are trying to tell us something. Love the recurring quilt-scapes of green, gold and blue. Earth/life, sun/energy, sky/ocean? The elephants seem to be in a made-man tunnel fill with water. Trying to resist extinction with mere umbrellas?

    I also like Che and Deer Man, and think that they are fighting together, backed by the third-eye, against something we don’t see.

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