Scary Doors #ThursdayDoors

Here in Northern California we are just getting our electricity turned back on.  Since we were warned that the outage could last for several days and my devices are all old and in need to new batteries, I have basically been off-line since Saturday night.  I only turned on the EyePhone once every couple of hours for updates on the numerous fires in my area.  So for this week’s ThursdayDoors, Norm’s Frampton’s photo challenge which I truly enjoy and hate to miss out on, here are some scary doors from over the years!

Renwick Ruin,  Roosevelt Island, New York City.  For many emigrants, their only home in America if they were unfortunate enough to have contracted small pox. This place really gave me the willies.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Monument, Washington DC.  Frightening because it could happen again.

Fort Sumter, South Carolina, where many soldiers were bombarded for days by their fellow countrymen.

Amtrak Tunnel.  Just spooky is all.  Happy Halloween everyone!

34 thoughts on “Scary Doors #ThursdayDoors

  1. Hi Jan,

    Your never “off-line” since you operate under your own power. Satellites passing over head can spot your glow. In fact I can see you from here, under the pumpkin moon. So let us celebrate the only decent holiday that I know of, Halloween in all its fatal glory. As Broken Social Scene says, “Here we go!” Thanks. Duke

    1. Thanks Duke – you’re very sweet as usual. We had a wild Halloween night – mass shooting about a mile from the house. Mostly young people at a party that got out of hand.

  2. Excellent Scary Door selection! I kept saying I would find a house done up for Halloween, but then I kept working and otherwise doing things, lol!

  3. Great doors! Somehow I didn’t realize you lived fairly close, Only when I saw your comment on Thurs. Doors I realized I had not heard from you a while. These power outages really gets one off track of our blog life, I found out! But also, it takes a while to get back in the flow of it afterward! Hopefully we are fine for a while.Not as bad as LA where at least 6 fires are burning!

  4. Nice scary door pics!! Be safe…. we are aghast up here in Toronto. Sometimes it just seems like California is burning down.
    Although, about 3 years ago a town of 88,000 people mostly burned down in northern Alberta.

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