My cat hates me and other sorrows

Depression for me is a cumulative thing. I don’t wake up one morning feeling more worthless, confused and lost than the day before. It’s a gradual tightening around my heart. A stuck door; constant noise from nearby water main project and tasks which must be attended to: Taxes, expired licenses, home maintenance issues … all those things postponed during the pandemic. Worst of all for me, a vaccine shot. I hate getting shots. No one can tell me they are just pinpricks.  I can feel that old needle pierce my skin and drill into soft flesh. And then afterwards, the redness, the bruising … Yes I am that patient all doctors love: The whiney cry baby.

But it doesn’t sound like they’re going to produce a vaccine in pill form anytime soon and so I will have to man up as they say.  Put on my big girl pants and go get the shot.  

Singing the ole Folsom Prison Blues

And to make matters worse, my cat has decided I am the worst human being on the planet.  He’s never been the friendliest of pusses but now he’s a complete pain in the patootie, especially as we must keep him inside the house at all times.  The Serial Biter, an apparently psychotic coyote, has been on the prowl in our neighborhood since last July.  Already two children, a jogger, a skateboarder and convenience store clerk have been attacked. Who knows how many kitties and small dogs have completely vanished. I say “a coyote” instead of a “couple of coyotes” because through DNA analysis they know it’s the work of one bad hombre.  (Well, bad to us but probably a legend in the coyote world)

The Serial Biter, perhaps. Gotta catch him/her first! From the SF Chronicle!

So far Serial Biter has outsmarted the animal control folks, who I’m sure, are fed up with the Wile e Coyote jokes at their expense. No word on what they plan to do:  round up all the coyotes, take their DNA and release the innocents?  And what about Serial Biter once they’ve identified him (or her)? No doubt some soft hearted animal lover will set up a GoFund Me to provide the poor critter with psychological help.  They certainly cannot – shudder – euthanize him.  Can you imagine the uproar?

40 thoughts on “My cat hates me and other sorrows

  1. The coyotes are aggressive this year! Not sure if the pandemic has emboldened them or what, but they’ve been spotted all over my town recently, and are bigger than usual. I hope they catch the Serial Biter soon and release him/her someplace far away from humans. What a beautiful creature, though. Looks a bit like my dog, with a bushier tail.

    1. The coyotes I’ve seen are smaller and skinnier than the one in the newspaper photo and not nearly as handsome. They say it’s quite unusual for a coyote to attack a human being which is why wildlife people are quite concerned. Hope it’s not a worldwide trend!

      1. It’s definitely a concern that the coyote is going after humans. They usually stick to smaller creatures, at least in my neck of the woods. But a few weeks ago, someone posted pics of local coyotes on our town email list and they were stunning. Much bigger and healthier-looking than ones I’ve seen in the past.

  2. I had my first jab yesterday, Astrozenica, second one due 14th May, hubby had his almost three weeks ago we have survived! So get out there and get one!
    As to the Coyoty we don’t have them over here but I would not like to meet one! 💜💜

      1. Sorry yes we have them in Zoos, I just meant I have no knowledge of them because we don’t have anything like that roaming around. Also zoos are becoming a thing of the past here.💜

  3. Oof! I can’t imagine being worried about the Serial Biter, like we don’t have enough to stress out about! Sorry about the state of your mind and how appropriate it is to the state of the world.
    Thank you for being willing to get the shot despite your fears. I always have at least a skin reaction to every damn shot, but I do it anyway, too.

    1. Thanks Joey. I feel so silly being afraid of shots! I guess it’s because I do bruise easily. First time I went to Europe I had to get several and I remember my arm ached for days!

      1. The needle is over in a second, but yes you may have a sore arm – I did. But better than Covid. I just got my second one and it’s a nice feeling that I can now go visit the grand kids and be less paranoid in general.
        I’m keeping the dog close by us when we go on walks. Last year a coyote tried to entice him to “come play” and then we saw a pack up on the hill hiding in the bushes!

  4. I’d like to make a case for the coyote. Joni Michell is my witness. Case rested. The guy could write and smoke and look at you like a hawk from above. Love. Duke

  5. We have the odd issue like this where I live. We had a crocodile in the local dam and a hyena in the park. These are wild creatures which will attack humans if they get the chance. Luckily, they were caught reasonably quickly. I am not a fan of shots either, but as there are not vaccines here in South Africa, I have no opportunity as yet to worry about it.

  6. Hi, I pressed ‘like’ and then realised, no, I don’t like you feeling so low. Get that shot and it will feel like a step towards ‘real life’ whatever that may be. Best wishes, Yvonne X

      1. When I was a kid living over seas we had to get 8 or more shots a year. Four in each bun – one after another – talk about being sore afterwards! (My brother is still needle shy)

  7. Thank goodness, no wild coyotes in the UK, but we do have the occasional “big cat’ beast that hunts sheep and domestic animals. However, they seem to be a little along on the lines of ‘Bigfoot,’ in that we only have them because somebody has taken a grainy picture of one.

    Still waiting for my first jab. I’m a long way down the queue, but I’m keeping my place.

  8. hi JT
    the cat i hit is fun with the gate and “prison” look
    and i saw a meme a while back about how the dogs of the world are living the pandemic and folks home but the cats – not so much

    and hope they find the coyote soon before it strikes again

    1. Cats give you that look like you’re invading their space! The gate was actually in place for a grandchild when I snapped the picture. Kitty tried to go through it once but got stuck – he’s a bit too fat and fluffy so we’ve had to take it down.

  9. You are wise to keep your cat indoors.
    We have construction going on outside my home. They are relining the sewers. All day it sounds like that newish Godzilla movie, the one where he battles the 3 headed monster. Plus there’s toxic fumes coming up the plumbing. I feel your stress.

      1. Summer, 2022.
        You know, they tell us to stay at home.
        Then they make home a hell hole of fumes and noise.
        Then, they send out notices that all of the construction workers will be social distancing and wearing masks. NOT!
        Sorry, just needed to blow off a tad of steam.
        It seems like our elected leaders do not know what they are doing.

  10. Another great essay, Jan, filled with interesting and serious topics, all graced with your clever words. Sorry to hear about the Serial Biter, geez. The coyote must be, as you said, psychotic, because coyotes don’t ordinarily go after people. I liked the cat photo, subtitled with your humor, great fun. As for the depression and the Covid, yes, it is has been a very long haul; and hopefully soon things will at last improve. I still haven’t become eligible, as they’re only allowing 65+ and essential workers at this point, but things are improving with every day. Hang in there, Jan.

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