Of marmots, missing otters, and First Ladies

Mural on the side of the library, April 7, 2022
The same mural April 24, 2022

Notice something missing? The giant otter! What happened to him, do you think? I doubt he swam away although we did have a spat of rain. Perhaps he washed away. Perhaps the artist changed her mind. Perhaps the town council didn’t want the town associated with a giant otter. Who knows?

However, we can see the snake more clearly now. Not sure where he’s going. The roof? It’s all a mystery folks!

And in front of the Community Center, a new statue. This one is entitled “Indigo Animal and Dame Eleanor Marmot.” This statue is based on the Indigo Animal Trilogy written by Rue Harrison, a psychotherapist and artist living in the SF Bay Area. Indigo is a lawn ornament and Dame Eleanor is sort of a mother figure (or power possessing figure) to him. The author based Indigo on her own forays into the subconscious. All … very interesting.

Meanwhile I’ve been watching “The First Lady” series on Showtime. The first season is focused on Eleanor Roosevelt, who held the role during the Depression, Betty Ford, who had to take over the role after Nixon’s sudden resignation, and Michelle Obama, the first African American. All three women were far too accomplished to allow the men running the White House to tell them how to behave or what to say. It’s a joy to watch.

18 thoughts on “Of marmots, missing otters, and First Ladies

  1. Awww, I miss the otter. Wonder what will replace him. I’m watching First Lady as well. It’s good but Viola Davis needs to stop pursing Michelle Obama’s lips, it’s very distracting.

    1. It probably was … it did seem a bit out of proportion. I can’t imagine transferring a design from paper to the side of the building …. amazing.

  2. I like Dame Eleanor Marmot. She is fetching. I want to watch The First Lady but we don’t get Showtime. It’ll show up elsewhere so I’ll catch it then.

  3. HI Jan, watching this mural being painted is so interesting. I also noted the changes and it does make you wonder why. I have being trying to take pictures of some local art to share as I’m really enjoying seeing artworks shared by other bloggers. The statue is interesting. I don’t watch TV so I will take your word for it. It does sound good.

  4. I always like seeing murals in the making, it gives us an appreciation of how much thought, talent and work goes into them. And I am glad to hear about the First Lady series, thanks for the trailer. Three terrific powerhouses, these first ladies, I’m sure the series is great…I will look for it. Thanks Jan.

    1. Not to mention having to paint while on a cherry picker! That’s the part that would get to me.

      The lady I’ve gained extra appreciation for is Betty Ford.

  5. I’m reading these posts backwards. Such is the way of a blog roll.
    I adore this series, JT!!!
    I’ll be back for more! Isn’t street art exciting?

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