Summer whimsy

On my walk over to the library, under murky skies, I noticed that all signs of the July Fourth celebrations are gone. Poof, like they never even happened. Many people were at the community center dropping off their kids for one of the various summer programs. I could see the stress on their faces. Will they be happy? Will they be well cared for? I can remember long summers when I had no choice but to put my children into those programs. Whether they wanted to go or not. And that was before all the school shootings.

I also noticed that the utility box across the street from the library is now completely decorated. Above is the front panel. Mr. Fox having a cup of coffee (maybe a latte?) while an owl watches from above. It looks like the artist used the hills separating the town from the Berkeley campus as the backdrop. Pretty nifty.
On the other side is a natty raccoon and his dapper friend. I have no idea why they are on a ladder. What do you think?
Remember the hare? Both he and the raccoon seem to be gathering food in the wild (not that my town is wild) while the fox just walked across the street and bought a coffee at the library cafe.
Across the street, another utility box got the treatment. It looks better than a plain metal box would but I think I prefer the whimsy.

The mural on the library and the whimsical utility boxes are only the first steps in an effort to “artify” the town. I can’t wait to see what they do to the service station! Dinosaurs, perhaps?

Idealized version of the town … on the side of the drug store.

19 thoughts on “Summer whimsy

  1. I love the idea of painting utility boxes and must say these are particularly well done. A few years ago, a group in my town got a grant to paint utility boxes and they’re lovely, but not as cool as the ones in your town, Jan!

    1. There are probably only a few weeks in March when the hills are that green, it’s true. However when I first moved to California the green would last into July.

  2. I am glad to have followed some of the work to “artify” the town
    The quality is good (sometimes this is mot the case)

  3. Wow, this artwork is truly stunning, Jan. I like every one of these and you’re right, the whimsical creatures add the nicest touch. Wonderful hillside painting too.

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