Bring love instead of stones #Tagore

What a week this has been. There’s so much craziness going on in the world that I’m happy to have a garden to escape to, even if the drought has killed so many of my plants. Luckily, Penito and child seem to thrive in this climate.

Wednesday, August 3
Close up

Granted, this odd plant is not the ideal subject for a close up but boy, is it growing fast.

Thursday, August 4
Close up of the baby! I love how it bends toward the mother. Who says plants don’t have feelings!
Saturday, August 6th

It seems unlikely, but I’m hoping for a glimpse of sanity next week. Just a glimmer, a speck, something.

16 thoughts on “Bring love instead of stones #Tagore

  1. … men bring stones, (and the slings to throw them.)

    Your elongated friend and its tag-a-long remind me of the agave and its “once-a-century” up-thrust of a massive flower stalk. Sugary food for Mexican hummingbirds.

  2. I admire you for being able to see the world so clearly. The push and pull of private vs public thoughts. We must be rational yet poetic in the same moment. It is our only hope of survival in a world gone mad. Love. Duke

    1. I’m not sure how clearly I see the world but thanks Duke. The world truly is mad, and probably always has been. I think we begin thinking things can change. Ha! We can only grab what moments we can!

  3. Hi Jan, the USA certainly seems to be in turmoil right now, but I agree the whole world is feeling rather unhappy right now. We seem to be reaping the rewards of our greed and poor curatorship of our planet. I am glad y funny plant is bringing you happiness. I also love my garden.

      1. Interestingly enough, I was saying a similar thing to my mom yesterday about the UK. The Brits don’t know how to conserve water because they’ve never had to do it. We here in SA are experts on that topic.

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