WordPress just ate the content of my post

I just published a post entitled “Rain, the cat and the trestle” and when I went to check on it, all the images were gone as was the text. The original post wasn’t in “Trashed” bin so I don’t know what happened. Has this ever happened to any of you?

Mouth Magic, Craig DelGaudio

The images I uploaded were all there in the Media Library so I don’t know what to think. Any suggestions?

19 thoughts on “WordPress just ate the content of my post

  1. You had two instances of the post open and mistakenly saved the empty draft?
    Personally, all my literary posts are written in GDocs, I then transfer them. WordPress has a different editor and finds technical mistakes that GDocs misses, but I try to copy back to google what wp corrects.
    WP often finds a “version” that wasn’t saved and if I opt to apply the newer, unsaved copy — have gotten unexpected results.

    Compelling image, that.

  2. The WordPress system could have marked it for quarantine, and it’s currently in a queue waiting for someone at WordPress to check it. It could also be a bug connected with the theme you’re using. WordPress has deleted and stopped supporting many of the old themes. It’s probably worth checking with one of their Happiness Engineers.

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