I’m a Loser

Oft times I feel like such a loser.  I’ve tried so many things and failed. But, I do have wonderful children. One of them was born on this day many years ago.

My rosy cheeked boy!

My rosy cheeked boy!

June 11th was also the birthday of Jacques Clouseau. 


Which leads me to offer a big shout out to another champion of the oceans, Liz Cunningham. 

Slide_Bluefin13001 Liz has traveled worldwide talking to people involved in ocean conservation and has recently published Ocean Country, One Woman Voyage from Peril to Hope in Her Quest to Save the Oceans. OC_Facebook_share

Currently she and her husband are touring the US in their efforts to raise awareness about global efforts to save the oceans. Go Liz!  You and Charlie are an inspiration to me, especially when I’m feeling down.  

 What things keep you from feeling like a complete loser?  Friends, children, dogs?

39 thoughts on “I’m a Loser

  1. Jan, I was interested in your question “What things keep you from feeling like a complete loser? Friends, children, dogs?”

    Friends and children are fine but I stop short at dogs. Reason is, I’m scared of them, especially the cute-looking ones. My experiences with these creatures and their canine teeth haven’t been exactly uplifting. I’ve been bitten at least five times. Not nice.

    And then there’s the sex thing. Maybe it’s some kind of aroma that I give off but over the years far too many of these ugly mutts have used my legs as one-night stands and then to pile on the humiliation they sometimes end up peeing on them.

    So don’t talk to me about dogs.

    1. Colm, it’s just because you are so irresistible, to animals of all kinds- canine AND human.
      Poor lad, but take comfort in such awesome magnetism, Luv:))

  2. I seldom feel like a loser. I guess if I’m still here, I still have purpose. Kinda like the “God don’t make no junk” poster. You’re not a loser. Sheesh. You’ve accomplished quite a bit more than most people!

  3. My sister is no loser, a famous person stated “I learn more from my mistakes than my successes.” You do have great kids, mom and I tried to call Cameron, but were not successful and our mail to him gets returned, guess I need to use facebook and update his address…..Loves

  4. What was that – a moment of despair from the woman who has published at 3 books in the last year or two? Or did you just want to play the Beatles? Want me to come over and kick you in the pants? 😉

  5. Fun post, Jan. We all know what winners The Beatles were, so I think your instincts for following them is a win-win. Birthday wishes to you, the bearer, and your beautiful son.

    1. We all need to pat ourselves on the back for what we have done well and try not to look back on failures. Your essay on Narrative Identity was definitely a winner in every way.

  6. Loved this post and I hope your son had an excellent birthday… If I keep in mind those yankee films which describe what a Winner (Popular) might be, mainly during his High School Years, then It is safe to say I am and was a loser…
    But somehow… that´s a relief! with a big L… reLief, and with a L sign gesture in hands 😀

    1. Yes, those who peak in high school often struggle as adults. Like child prodigies who sadly burn out. My teen years definitely left me with low expectations!

  7. Jan – you are certainly no loser but can understand perhaps when trying to grow tomatoes how that can make one feel that way. I have learned from Gardening that even if I lose plants; the deer eat my world record pumpkin or the rats and gophers have taken a few plants, that in the end losing part of the harvest is actually part of the lessons of life in nature. I expect to lose some and it also is a cycle that continues and the only loss is not trying in the first place. Thanks for the post and your writing and friendship.

    1. Thanks Charlie – I’m definitely a loser when it comes to gardening. I’ve given up my battles with the critters!

  8. Such thought has never entered my mind. It would be very ungrateful if I though so. Most of us don’t have any global range achievements, but if we look back, we have done a lot 🙂

    1. My feelings of failure have more to do with not being able to help the people I love and less about being ungrateful. I’m grateful for your beautiful photos, that’s for sure. Thanks for sharing them!

  9. I agree with Inesephoto, above. Everything we see, touch, or feel is an marvelous creation; and I feel grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to experience this incredible planet. But yes, friends, animals and many things, bring me up when I’m down 🙂

    1. As I told darling Inese (who is one heck of a photog by the way) it’s more a failure of not being able to help more and sometimes misunderstanding a situation. Using the wrong words – that kind of thing.

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