Mr. Tinker Tries to Make a Deal

Heartbreaking but beautifully written.

tin hats

Waiting for life to load…

A message appears on his Skype.  Malcolm Staples wants to discuss some property.  Who is Malcolm Staples he thinks.  A veterinarian is supposed to be here in a few minutes, but the vet will probably be late, so maybe there is time for a quick call.  The man dials Malcolm’s number.  The phone rings and a young voice answers.

“I’d like to speak with Malcom Staples please.”

“Yes, this is he.  Is this Mr. Tinker?”

“The same,” he says.

“I’m glad you called back Mr. Tinker, I went by your houses, the ones for sale across from the football stadium, and I just wanted to ask a few questions.”

“Sure,” the man said, “but first who am I speaking with?”

Malcolm tells his story.  He is a developer/builder/real estate agent who used to work for one of the biggest home builders in Texas, but has…

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5 thoughts on “Mr. Tinker Tries to Make a Deal

  1. Dear Jan,
    Sadness is a human constant. Eventually we get around to it…the buried memories sparked by a song, the contemplation of war, the sick child, the dying parent, the inability to do the right thing, an old photo…sadness always finds us, just there between shallow breaths. Thanks for sharing my virtual life. You are a good person. Duke

  2. Mr. Tinker and his little Lady had a really long relationship, and apparently a mutually loving one. All of us who are animal lovers know what’s down the line, but we adopt these little guys, let them take over our hearts, fall apart when it’s time to say goodbye, and then we do it all over again!

    Life is just not a series of happy endings. We’re all going to experience loss in our lifetime, and it’s very sad. But if we never experienced sadness, how would we know what happiness is?

    This is a beautifully written story.
    🔹 Ginger 🔹

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